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At Maxx Music we love the ukulele!  The ukulele is a great introduction to music for both children and adults.  They are fun, easy to get to grips with and won't break the bank if you decide it is the instrument for you!  The ukulele is also a sociable instrument, meant to be learnt and played as part of a group. 


With Maxx Music's ukulele groups, you don't need to have played the ukulele before or be able to read music.  We even have a limited number of ukuleles you can borrow for the first couple of lessons while you find your feet.   New members always welcome.

As a registered Creative Kids provider, you can use your $100 Creative Kids Voucher towards these group sessions.

So what  are you waiting for?


Seniors Beginners Ukulele

First 2 weeks of every term 10.15-10.45am  FREE

Thursday 6 & 13 February 2020

Begin at the very beginning with this 4 week ukulele class for absolute beginners.  The aim of the class is to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to join our 11am Thursday Ukuleles.  You don't need to be able to read music or have played an instrument before.  We even have a limited number of ukuleles you can use while you find your feet.  

Thursday Ukuleles 11-12pm

Take your next steps and play as part of this sociable, fun group.  Develop your skills, learning new chords, strums and more.  Suitable for players with basic strumming and some chords (at least C, F, G, G7 and Am) or have experience playing the guitar so that you aren't a complete beginner. 

Thursday Ukuleles 1-2pm

Are you over 55yrs, play ukulele and looking for a sociable group, passionate about playing ukulele together, to join?  If so, Thursday Ukuleles is the group for your. Join Arthur Ongley from Parramatta and Hills Ukulele Network (PHUN) and the rest of the group for weekly ukulele fun.

We play from a set of Songbooks put together by Arthur and members are also welcome to bring in and lead songs of their choice.   

Our Thursday Ukuleles has been running since May 2017 and is a friendly, welcoming group who meet each week to develop new ukulele playing skills and techniques, to learn new songs and to have fun playing together in this sociable group.  New members always welcome.

If you need any further persuading, check out our blog, 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Play the Ukulele

To book a place or to find out more contact Sally, Community Music Coordinator, on 02 8882 9491

or email

Saturday Ukuleles - Absolute Beginners 2-3pm

This course is for anyone who would like to learn to play ukulele  During this 10 week course, you will learn well known tunes and songs that you can play at home. You will also learn how to tune your ukulele, basic strumming techniques and the chords you need to play almost anything!

Each session will be progressive and hands on.
Suitable for children aged 7yrs+ (Year 2 upwards). Children under 16yrs must be accompanied by an adult

Cost: $100 for 10 week term starting Saturday 1February 2020.

Saturday Ukuleles - Sing & Strum 2.30-3.15pm

Have you been learning to play the ukulele at school or have you mastered a few chords on YouTube?  Join our SING & STRUM group. 

The ukulele is an instrument made to be played with others.  SING & STRUM is Maxx Music's newest Ukulele Group created to provide you with the opportunity to meet and play music in a fun and supportive group. 

We are keeping it easy and accessible to enable people of all ages and ability to join in.  We will be exploring lots of different songs but keeping it simple by using a basic 5 or 6 chords as the basis for everything we play.

Suitable for players 7yrs and upwards.  Children under 9yrs must be accompanied by an adult.

Next Steps Ukulele  Saturday 3.15-4pm

You may already have done our Absolute Beginners Class or know the basics from YouTube or school.  This group is a continuation of the group lesson in that you will be continuing to learn new chords and techniques, developing your playing as an individual and as part of a group.  We play contemporary repertoire and progress at a quicker pace than Sing & Strum.

Recommended for 12yrs +.  Younger players welcome but must be confident in their ukulele playing ability.

Intermediate Ukuleles Saturday 4-5pm 

This ukulele group is for adults and young adults who play the ukulele fairly confidently.


You will already know the basics and will now be looking for a challenge.  We work together to decide what songs we'd like to learn and then give it a go. As well as learning well known tunes and songs you will also learn more complex strumming patterns, additional chords and explore ukulele tabs and finger picking. The group is a cross between a jam session and a group lesson. 

Cost: All Saturday Ukulele Groups $10 per week. 

10% discount if full term paid in advance.

All sessions run in:

The Session Space, Maxx Music

Rouse Hill Town Centre

NSW 2155

All workshops are dependent upon having sufficient participants to ensure a good experience.   Call before your first attendance to confirm the class is running.  Maxx Music reserves the right to cancel workshops with less than the minimum number of enrolments.  In this circumstance, a full refund will be offered.


Do I have to have my own ukulele?

Not straight away!  We have a few ukuleles that we can lend you, during the sessions, while you decide whether the ukulele is for you.  We do recommend you buy yourself one after a couple of weeks though, as you'll learn more quickly if you can practice at home.

Are ukuleles expensive to buy?

No!  That's one of the many reasons we love them.  Your first ukulele can cost as little as $49.  BUT, you may want to spend a little more, if you can.  A small increase in the amount you pay can make a huge difference to the sound you make.  You might also want to explore a different sized ukulele e.g. if you find the soprano a bit small for your fingers - soprano, concert (slightly larger) and tenor ukuleles all have the same tuning.   So maybe budget closer to $100 to get an instrument that will last you for longer.

Do I need to be able to read music?

No.  Most ukulele songs that we use have chords written above or alongside the lyrics which tell you what chord to play and which fingers to place on which strings to do so.  

I'm pretty busy, what if I don't practice enough? 

We know that everyone is busy.  No-one is going to make you show us what you have learned since last week.  The beauty of learning as a group is that, if you've had one week where you haven't practiced, everyone else will be loud enough to cover up your mistakes.  And hopefully, being part of a group will motivate you to do a bit more practice next week so you can keep up.   

I'm really enjoying playing with the group, but I'd like to learn more.  Do you offer 1-1 lessons?

Yes we do!  1-1 lessons can be a great way to learn some more advanced skills and techniques that we might not cover in a group session.  Check out our Lessons Page for more info

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