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Want to sound good without breaking the bank? Try these two guitars.

May 18, 2018

Takamine G20 Acoustic Guitar

While there can be no better feeling than to shred on a great sounding electric, sometimes it can be good to kick back with your acoustic. Takamine has the guitar to help you do that. Again, it's not something that’ll break your budget, but is very worthwhile. These guitars come with solid cedar tops, which greatly improves the sound of the guitar. The G20 series comes in two different body types, so you can choose what feels right for you. Its worth mentioning at this point that the list of notable players who use Takamine is quite extensive. It includes a wide range of musicians from Bruce Springsteen to Bon Jovi, to the late Glenn Frey. Come and see why they endorse Takamine, and check this guitar out.


J&D Luthiers ‘LP’ Style Electric Guitar


It doesn’t take much guitar knowledge to realise that the Les Paul is one of the most influential guitars. Guitar players such as Jimmy Page, Joey Santiago (The Pixies), Slash and Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers) are rarely seen without them. But it can certainly be off putting to discover that you need to empty your bank account to follow in their direction. However, J&D Luthiers have a better option for you. At $499 RRP, the price is a far cry from what you’d be expected to pay for a Les Paul. They clearly have designed it to replicate the original LP, so how does it stand up?


The truth is that it plays very well. The neck is easily playable, showing that there’s not always truth to those “cheaper guitars don’t play well” rumours. The body itself is lightweight, much lighter than a traditional LP. This is good news too; making it much easier to transport, or even to carry to school. The pickups have a pleasing amount of power as well, transitioning easily from a Joan Jett rhythm crunch to a Rhandy Rhoads wailing lead. Overall, this guitar has a variety of great tones going for it, its easily playable even by beginners, and it’ll fit well into your budget.


Come into the store and have a play of these guitars that are reasonably priced, of the highest quality and accessible for everyone.



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Learning from the Best; Interviews with Maxx Music teachers.

May 22, 2018

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April 24, 2018

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