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Farewell Celina

This week is a sad one as we have to wave goodbye to our fantastic Rouse Hill Lesson Co-ordinator Celina as she unfortunately must jet off back to the land of ABBA and flatpack furniture.

Thrust into the job from another role within Maxx Music, Celina has done incredible work for our Rouse Hill lessons school. Managing up to 850 Rouse Hill music students virtually single handedly at times, Celina has managed to not only stay on top all the related admin, emails and phone calls, but has been able to develop good relationships with many of our customers. All you have to do is say a timeslot, a surname or any interaction and Celina has the memory to know instantly who you are talking about. The care and commitment she has shown to this job has been appreciated hugely by staff, teachers and customers alike.

We whole-heartedly wish you all the best going forward and we send you off with our love and appreciation!


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