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Band Program

Maxx Music Band Program at Rouse Hill

Playing and singing with other people is a skill which needs to be learned and developed just as much as learning to play an instrument individually.  At Maxx Music we have created a Band Program which does exactly this!  Let our experienced tutors guide you through your first band experience.  We want to create bands who can work together to build skills, confidence and musicality.  We want all of our bands to work towards regular performances, giving them the chance to live their dream of being a rock star!

Why not redeem your Creative Kids NSW Voucher to pay for your place in a band? 

Band Times

We are seeking Expressions of Interest.


Please complete the form below to so we can consider you for our new bands.


As each band becomes established and reaches its limit for singers and instrumentalists, we will add in a new band.  Please ensure you let us know your availability on your application form as attendance is mandatory. 


There may be a short waiting time between applying and the band beginning as we require 3 band members to start.

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School Holiday Band Workshops

Check out our School Holiday Music Workshops as we usually have some band options to stretch your musical skills during the break.  Look out for our entry level, Band in a Day, which is designed to give musicians a first taste of being in a band.

Or why not sign up for one of our more intensive, 3 day band experiences which is for more experienced musicians.   These creative workshops include songwriting  and recording elements as well as performance.

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