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Maxx Music Editorial


  • For twenty years Maxx Music has been a hub of all things musical! From the classroom to the studio or the stage, Maxx music has everything from musical instruments, print music, lesson school and pro audio. They can find what you need on location at Castle Hill, Rouse Hill or online at


  • Maxx Music is in the fabric of the hills and Norwest region. They pride themselves on growing, nurturing and promoting great musical talent. Maxx Music doesn’t just sell musical items, they LIVE music… Lighting the way for young beginners and problem solving for professionals. They also have great relationships with local and district schools with their specialised Education Department. This attitude separates Maxx Music from any other store with the biggest private music tuition school in the State.


  • Learning a musical instrument is beneficial on so many levels. It’s intellectually stimulating, it provides avenues for social interaction, self-esteem building and most importantly it’s fun. It’s a great way to explore technology or it can be an amazing way to explore history. Intellectual and personal development, social skills, patience, passion and application of discipline are all features of learning a musical instrument.


  • As an all-round musical base Maxx Music is a one-stop shop for great value, advice, service, hire, production and anything you need to be musical in the classroom, the studio or on stage. They love watching their students grow from as young as kindergarten through to 80-year old pianists. You’re never too young or too old to get amongst the Maxx Music family!

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