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Where Can Music Take You?

Music lessons. Whether it is piano, guitar, drums, violin, singing, all can be challenging to learn, require dedicated practice and can be incredibly rewarding. Music lessons have been proved to improve children’s academic results, memory, social and emotional wellbeing and can help them think more creatively, better equipping them for life. And they are FUN! But did you know that it is also possible to build a successful career using music?

Coming up to our 20 Year Celebration, if feels like a good time to see what some of our ex-students are currently doing – using their talent and love of music to make a living. Amongst other successes, we can list a Music Studio owner and producer, a Music Therapist, a Music Teacher and an ARIA award nominated guitarist. Check out what they had to say and start thinking about where music could take you…

David Bleus – Recording Studio owner, producer and musician

Dave took guitar lessons at Maxx for a few years and on one occasion was even lucky enough to be taught by Ben Finn when his regular tutor was off sick.

Dave told us he "started learning guitar at Maxx so I could join a band at school. I joined that band and it went on to paly some really exciting shows around Australia."

Dave has played in several bands over the years. A highlight for him was "Opening at the Gaelic Theatre for a band called Helmet back in 2006 (or thereabouts). They were a massive influence on me and to have that opportunity was a really big deal to me. Also touring with Dead Letter Circus and opening for them to a packed Metro Theatre in Sydney was also a big thing for me."

These days, Dave owns a studio in Windsor called Studio Bleus., which is a recording and rehearsal studio. "Being a studio owner and operator has always been my dream, so to finally achieve that is my rewards. Now I get to work with bands every day, helping them to create the best possible sound they can."

When asked if he had to get any special training or qualifications to achieve this goal, he replied that he "studied Music, Audio and Small Business Management but getting practical experience in recording studios and live sound has helped me equally as much."

Any advice for musicians out there? Just get involved! Meet people, make friends with people that challenge you and believe in yourself.

Matt Gravolin - ARIA Award nominated musician

Matt was a student at Maxx Music for 13 years. learning guitar and vocals with us. And it paid off!

Since graduating from Maxx Music, Matt has been guitar and vocalist for Hellions, a punk band formed in 2013. In 2016, their album "Opera Oblivion" was nominated for an ARIA award for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album.

Speaking about how Maxx Music has affected his life he said "Music has shown me more of the world than I had ever thought was possible for me, and none of what I’ve seen would have been possible without the knowledge afforded to me by Maxx Music, Ben and the staff."

Lauren Chase - Singer/songwriter and music student

Singer/songwriter Lauren Chase studied at Maxx Music for 7 years learning vocals, guitar and piano.

She describes her time at Maxx Music as "Such a positive experience. Ben Finn’s support and encouragement has meant a lot and the teachers were great mentors, especially my first guitar teacher, Matt Jones."

Since then, Lauren has used the skills and experience she learned with us as "a lead singer and songwriter with the band INDECISION" who she has been with for nearly 2 years. They perform regularly at Manning Bar and

LazyBones Lounge.

When Lauren isn't performing she is studying a Bachelor of Music (Songwriting) at JMC Academy. "I've had my songs workshopped and critiqued

by Berklee College of Music professors, including Pat Pattison." Very excitingly, in November Lauren will be travelling to the Netherlands to represent JMC Academy at the International Writers Camp at the Conservatorium Haarlem.

Caleb Osborne - Music Teacher and Musician

Caleb learned bass guitar and vocals with Maxx Music for 5 years before becoming one of our own music tutors. Of his time with us he says

"My time at Maxx allowed me to pursue my passion and meet so many cool peeps with that same love."

Now in a blackened death metal band called Alchemy, Caleb is using his skills as a live musician. " We’re only new and working on establishing good ties and connections within the Sydney music/metal community"

As a music tutor for Maxx Music, he is able to share and pass on his skill and passion for music. "There's nothing better than that AHHHH moment and the resultant smile that appears on peoples faces when they’ve just understood something really cool and are obviously enjoying themselves."

There are so many ways in which music can help you in your future life - building confidence, creativity and a strong work ethic - that no matter what career you choose to pursue, music lessons will help you. In the meantime, have fun, rock out and don't forget to practice!!

Find out more about Music Lessons with Maxx Music and discover where music can take you!

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