If your child has been chosen for School Band, please read the following information

Your School may enlist the services of an outside music teaching company, who have a contract with the school to teach Band.

This company may use a particular method of selecting students, and assigning instruments.

This is sometimes referred to as a “Blow Test”

After this procedure, your child will be given a note to inform you of:

A: The instrument they will be playing

B: A directive to purchase said instrument from the teaching organization.

This is where you will be expected to part with some serious money.

All sounding familiar? Well read on..

You have a choice when purchasing Musical Instruments!

What to do:

  1. For starters, have a discussion with your child about instruments and the whole band program. Ask them what instrument they want to play. Create a preference list. For example, your child may choose flute first, clarinet second, trumpet third etc.

  2. Check your options! Never sign a form and hand over money based on a single recommendation. Talk to your local music store. There are many other more cost effective instruments available to you, with outstanding quality and healthy warranties. (note: Aldi is NOT a music store, and the internet is rife with unplayable RUBBISH, so don’t get stung)

Taking part in Band at school can be a highlight of your child’s education, so if you follow these guidelines you will give your child the greatest chance of a lifetime of musical pleasure.